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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Altered Wooden Heart

Hubby has a scroll saw and he cuts different sizes wooden hearts for my shop. The other day I made 2 Altered Wooden Hearts as examples to entice the customers ;-)
What you will need:
·         A wooden blank heart or any other shape
·         Paint and brush
·         Scraps of patterned paper and cardstock
·         Embellishments, lace and/or ribbon
·         Scissors and craft knife
·         Glue, double sided tape, foam squares
·         Chalk – I used Jumbo Java
·         Stickles and Dimensional Glaze – Optional
·         Craft Sheet
Chalk/Ink all the edges of the Cardstock (C/S) and Patterned Papers (PP’s) as you cut them.
1.    Sand the wooden blank and paint both sides in a dark colour – I used brown – let the paint dry.
2.    Dry brush or white wash with a cream colour on top of the dark colour – both sides -and let dry.
3.    Trace about 2/3 of the heart on the flipside of a piece of PP. Cut out and tear the straight edge of the paper.
4.    Cut a piece of contrasting c/s – I used brown -  about 3cm wide and long enough to cover the heart from top to bottom. Tear the one long edge.
5.    Cut a piece of a different PP about 3cm wide and long enough to cover the heart from top to bottom. Tear the one long edge.
6.    Layer these three pieces and glue together.
7. Attach lace and/or ribbon to the layered paper piece. Remember to slide ribbon through buckles before the ribbon is attached to the paper.  

8.    Fold ribbon to back of paper piece and fasten with double sided tape.

9.       Paste the paper piece on to the wooden heart.
10.    Pierce the hole in the paper while the glue is still wet. I Like to use my porcupine quill, because it helps to smooth down the pierced hole.

11.    Repeat for the flipside of the heart. Remember to insert the berry pin before you paste the paper piece on to the wooden heart.

12.    White board embellies:-
a.    Chalk and/or spray with Dazzles

b.    Add stickles to some of the pieces – Let dry
c.    Add Dimensional glaze to some of the pieces – let dry

13.    Decorate both sides of the wooden heart.
Example of the finished product :-

And here is another example :-

Enjoy your project!

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