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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Don't Dream it . . . LIVE it : Case File 115 CSI Colorstories Inspiration

This week I really LOVED the colour palette for Case File 115 over at CSI Color Stories Inspiration :-)

The Case File:
§  Brunette Locks  - dark brown, taken from her hair - 92.71.70
§  Love Me  - pale peach, taken from the background  - 248.235.226
§  Just Peachy - somewhere between pink and peach, taken from the background - 27.179.167
§  Drift Away - pale gray, taken from the leaves in the background  - 229.230.224
§  Warm heart -  dark crimson, taken from her sash - 119.6.12
§  hearts
§  lace
§  grid
§  bird
§  leaves
§  boats
§  flowers
§  clouds
§  rub-ons/stamps
§  pen work
§  mixed media background
§  Freewrite. Here is some guidance for how to freewrite.
§  Format the journaling so that it winds and curls around like her hair.
§  Be inspired by Friday 5 (inspired by the 5 clouds).
§  Be inspired by The Happiness Project.
§  Inspiration Words: dream(y), float, imagine -- use these as inspiration for your journaling, not just as a title.

I really enjoyed creating this LO :-)

 . . . and here is how I solved the case!

The Scheme :          I used all 5 Colours

The Evidence :        Hearts – Dreamy Hearts – Chippie : EnmarcCrafts
Lace – Bottom section of the LO
Grid – Burlap behind photo cluster as well as grid on top of the Chicken Mesh Chippie : Enmarc Crafts
Bird – Birds on a Wire – Chippie : Enmarc Crafts
Leaves – Part of the floral cluster – Painted green paper leaves with grey and brown craft paint
Boats – Boat  on the middle photo to the left
Flowers – Lots of them ;-)
Clouds – Part of the title – Chippie : Enmarc Crafts
Rub-on s/stamps – stamped background randomly with different stamps
Penwork – Shaded the hearts with a gel pen
Mixed Media Background – Tissue paper, Stencils, Modge Podge, Craft Paint, Stamps, Acrylic Primer, Texture Paste, Distress Inks Victorian Rose, Walnut Stain, Tattered Rose

Testimony:              I chose Free write and inspiration word ‘Dream’. My journaling is on the tags behind the large photo. It is about all the years I’ve been dreaming to go back to the Chobe for a holiday and not just passing through en route to Victoria Falls. Well, I DID live my dream and went there during September 2013. There are thousands of elephant in the Chobe and one can get very close to them by doing a cruise on a river boat. Whilst we were there, there were lots of new born baby elephant and they were just adorable! The Chobe National Park hosts numerous assorted wild animals and birds and the park is a photographer’s paradise. Chobe is situated where Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia more or less meet. We camped in Kasane at the Chobe River Lodge (Botswana) along the Chobe River. We spent 4 nights there, did tiger fishing, boat cruises and also went to Zimbabwe to Victoria Falls. One afternoon when we got back at the camp, we caught the baboons in the act whilst rummaging through the grocery boxes, turned the rubbish’bin’ over and made such a mess!!! Like my mother used to say: "there's nothing soap and water cannot clean!" Just a bit of team effort and no evidence was left behind :-)

A few close-ups :
The background
Close-up of the background
I used Victorian Velvet Distress Ink for the tags behind the photo.
The green paper leaves were painted with brown and grey acrylic craft paint

Enmarc Crafts Products used :

Grizzly Bear      Misty Maroon

 Petal Blooms : Burgundy    Petal Blooms : Brown 

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sweet Teddybear's Picnic - Case File 111 CSI Color Stories Inspiration

Case File 111 over at CSI Color Stories Inspiration closes in a couple of hours.

The Case I had to solve:

  • Pistachio - celadon green, taken from the green shirt - 212.217.187
  • Creamsicle  - medium orange, taken from the shirt - 235.155.184
  • Vanilla - white, taken from the light in the background - 248.248.248
  • Strawberry - orchid pink, taken from the pink shirt  - 238.202.216
  • Rocky Road -  brown, taken from the girl on the right's hair - 141.113.92
  • turtle (or other animal) accents
  • polka dots
  • drips
  • wood
  • stickers
  • border punch
  • sprinkles
  • dry embossing (inspired by the cone)
  • something cone shaped
  • 3 of something
  • Sprinkle your journaling around different spots on your page
  • Journal about a childhood memory
  • Choose one of these prompts about friendship.
  • Tell your story through dialogue.
  • Inspiration Words: giggle, friends, enjoy-- use these as inspiration for your journaling, not just as a title.

 And here is how I solved the case:

The Scheme:
I used all 5 colours. For the pistachio I mixed a few colours of craft paint and painted 2 ice cream balls which were a turquoise colour and used the same paint for the drippings as well as the bow on the ice cream cone.

Animal Accents - Teddy Bear
Polka Dots - Gesso Paste Polka dots om background paper, Polka Dot Ribbons
Drips - Pistachio craft paint drippings from the top of the page as well as from the ice cream
Wood - 3 Teddy Bears
Stickers - 2 round, 'Sweet' and the striped 'ribbon'
Border Punch - Brown strip and square behind the photo
Sprinkles - Beads, half pearls and rhinestones on the Ice cream
Dry Embossing - The grid lines on the ice cream cone, cuttlebug flowers on green card stock behind photo
something cone shaped - the ice cream cone
3 of something - 3 wooden teddy bears

For the testimony I chose to 'sprinkle' dialogue onto the background of the LO.

Teddy said : "Thank you so much for bringing me along to this lovely picnic!"
Michaela said: "Oh!, it's only a pleasure Teddy! I am enjoying it too!"
Teddy said: "*Pffffewww!* it's a pity it is so HOT though . . ."
Michaela said: "Hmmmmm . . . just imagine . . . .  a TALL stacked pistachio, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream. . . ."
Teddy said: "Whooo-whooo! Now THAT sounds SUPER delicious! Can we get some of those? "Pllllease?"

Chipboard pieces from Enmarc Crafts :
Fences 'n Things : Victorian Gate
Alphabet Letters for the Title

It's raining and the light is very poor. I had to scan the layout, thus also no close-ups for now.
Thank you for stopping by.