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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It's been a while since I've been around doing the Blog-Hopping-Thing and neighter did I have time for a new post or 2 :-(

Over at  Scrap our Stash, there are 4 challenges posted for March.
Welcome to the first challenge to help us scrap our stash.

 For the challenge you must make either a layout (1 page is fine) or 2 cards with the following items on them. 

1.  At least 2 metal embellishments.  Brads or eyelets do not count, we will be  
     using them in a later challenge.
2.  At least 2 different colored ribbons of any length.
3.  Use at least 3 different punches.  These can be any punches ie:border,  
     corner, single, around the page punches or any combination of any of these.
4.  This challenge cannot be combined with any other Let's Scrap Challenge or
     the weekly sketch.
5.  Although you are quite welcome to use a Let’s Scrap sketch for your layout 
     or cards you don’t have to use one if you don’t want to.  
6.  Post the picture of your layout or cards in this discussion. This is the only
     place I will look for it to enter your name in the draw.
7.  If you decide to use a LS sketch then besides posting your picture in here 
     you can also post it in the photo gallery if you wish. Tag it Stash#1     
     followed by the LS sketch #. If you choose not to use a LS sketch then  
     please only post it in this discussion. It can’t go into the photo gallery.
8.  When you post the picture in this discussion please explain how you used the
      listed for the challenge.  Sometimes it can be difficult to see all the items 
      by just looking at the picture.
9.  You will have until Sunday, April 3, 2011 at 11:59 pm (by the clock on the
      main page)  to post your project for this challenge in this discussion.
10.  The draw for the winner will be announced on Apr. 4, 2011.
11. The winner of this draw must send me their address within two weeks of the
       draw or they will forfeit the prize and a new name will be drawn.
12.  The winner of this draw will be responsible to send a prize to the winner of
       next Month’s draw.

This is what I came up with for this challenge:-

I have bought this Single Page LO Kit from a SA scrapbook store 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 years ago, because I loved the colours! The kit ended up in a box with a whole lot of other UNFINISHED PROJECTS!
I have changed the original LO and converted it into a Double LO.

Metal Embellies:- Metal File binders (forms a file for hidden jounalomg and/or exyta photo's)
Spiral clip (bottom left photo on LO) 2x Metal Charms (Bottom filmstrip
Punches :- Corner rounder, small tags, 2x circle punches
Ribbons:- Blue with stitched botder, Blue Check, Black Check and Black with wording.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yummie Blog Candy @ MISTY MOMENTS

*********RAK ~ BLOG CANDY ~ GIVEAWAY***********

To win this prize just copy & paste this post to your blog then leave a comment back here at  
A winner for the pack including post will be randomly drawn
16th March 2011.
ITEMS ~ Stamps, Fab Foils, Felt, Die-cuts, rub-ons, Tickets ect
BRANDS ~ Imaginisce, Kaiser, Heidi Grace, Swiss Pixies, EK Success,Pink Martini ect.
There will be a few more surprises added for the winner over the next few days.
Why don't you hop over to Misty Moments and join in on the fun!

March 11, 2011

Friday, March 4, 2011

This week, the Design Team Challenge at Let's Scrap is being hosted by Michelle van Wyk :-
"I have decided to challenge you all to a bit of a color challenge. Check out all the details here:http://letsscrap.ning.com/forum/topics/challenge-87

You need to use Paint Chips on your layout, the word Color (or a color, e.g. Blue Eyes, etc) in your Title, and a Lets Scrap sketch.

Remember to post your layouts to the correct Gallery by no later than next Thursday midnight to stand in line to win a cool Prize."

WOW! what a great challenge!!! Here is what I came up with for this challenge.

For my 51st Birthday, I decided to have a Redhat-kiddies-party ;-) It was such a fun day! These photo's were taken through my kitchen window, capturing the MEN at their 'Indaba' in the backyard.

I bought some REDhat pp's and embellishments to do pages of this party, but never got around to do it and when I saw Michelle's challenge, I KNEW exactly what I wanted to do with at least a couple of the photos.

EVERYTHING, except the colour chips, is from my stash and came with Noah's Ark LOL. Even 2 of those vellum envelopes were honoured a place on my LO. DH was so kind to get me the colour chips at the hardware store, so they are his choice ;-) I just could not find my bundle of colour chips and time was running out!

TYFL :-)

Monday, March 7, 2011

You are the Apple of my Eye : Let's Scrap Challenge 3-2-11

*PFFFEWWWW!!!* Time surely flies! I so much want to do a LOT of things, but time forever catches up on me :-(

Let's Scrap Challenge for this week - Sketch by Cheri O'Neil
This is what I came up with. I bent my brains thinking of an appropriate Title to go with this LO. Eventually I thought of a title, but I do not have what I had in mind. I needed the Title urgently as we have only one week to finish the LO and guess what?? I Phoned Enmarc Crafts and asked pretty please if they can design this title for me. WOW!!! TYVM Yvette :-))))

I'm also busy working on another Challenge AND I want to check out the new 'Scrap your stash' Challenge. Don't know whether I'll be able to handle all of these, because Admin duty calls as ALWAYS *grrrrrr!*

TYFL :-)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Maklike Lint- en Krale-kaart

OOPS! I have done the instructions in Afrikaans!

I have translated the tutorial in the mean time ;-)

Hierdie notas is deur Alma Carter op 30 Augustus 2007 vir die Emsige Biene Blogspot geskryf en mag geen ander persoon aanspraak maak daarop dat dit sy/haar werk is nie.
These notes were written by Alma Carter on 30 August 2007 for the Emsige Biene Blogspot. Please do not copy and claim as your own.

Kontak my gerus gedurende winkelure indien u verdere hulp of navrae in verband met hierdie projek het – Tel 064 403501
Should you have any questions regarding this project, please contact me - Tel +264 64 403501

Papierservette is baie veelsydig en kan op verskeie maniere gebruik word en het ek dit goedgedink om so projek op die Blogspot aan te bied.
Paper serviettes are very versatile and can be used in different ways. I thought of writing a tutorial for for one of the uses for my Blogspot.

Materiaal & Gereedskap gebruik vir hierdie projek:
Materials & Tools needed for this project:

Papier Servet van jou keuse - Paper serviette of your choice
2 Bypassende Stukke Gekleurde Karton - 2 pieces of co-ordinating cardstock
Handgemaakte Papier - Handmade paper
4,5cm x 4.5cm Afval stukkie dik karton of ‘Foam Core’ – Ek het die binneste blokkie van ‘n ‘Slide Mount’ gebruik. Enige ander vorm, bv. ‘n hartjie of sirkel kan ook gebruik word. 4.5cm x 4.5cm scrap chip board or 'Foam Core'. Other shapes e.g. hart or circle can also be used.
Bypassende Lint - Ribbon to match your card and serviette
Snymasjien - Paper Trimmer
Draadtangetjie - Pliers
‘Making Memories – Paper & Ribbon Slot Punching Tool’ – Om gleufies in papier te pons
Skerp Skêrtjie - Sharp Scissors
Gom en Dubbelkant Kleefband - Glue and Double sided tape
Vloeibare Kryt – Dit raak al moeiliker met Afrikaanse name waarvan ons net die Engels daarvoor ken!  - Fluid Chalk/inks
Modge Podge of Servet Podge of Outdoor Podge
Kwas met sagte hare - Soft Brush
Klein kraletjies - small beads
Sagte, dun draad waarop die kraletjies geryg kan word - Beading Wire
Sosatiestokkie - Skewer

*Sug!* Hierdie Afrikaans is besig om ‘n riller te word *smile* - It is difficult to write a tutorial in Afrikaans when all terms are actually English *smile*

Die Kaartjie - The Card

1.   Sny ‘n kwart gedeelte van die servet uit. Gebruik slegs die boonste laag van die servet, plaas die servet op handgemaakte papier en wend Modge Podge met sagte kwas bo-oor die servet aan. Begin in die middel van die servet en verf die Modge Podge met sagte hale en genoeg Modge Podge na die buite rande.  Herhaal totdat die servet oral plat op die handgemaakte papier ge-Modge-Podge is. Dra sorg dat daar nêrens lugblasies is nie. Laat eenkant om droog te word.
      Cut out a quarter of the serviette. Remove bottom 2 layers and use top layer with the design only. Place the cut out serviette on top of handmade paper and apply Modge Podge with a soft brush. Start in the middle of the serviette and with enough Modge Podge, brush toward the outside edges of the serviette. Repeat until serviette is 'smoothed' down onto handmade paper and no air bubbles are visible. Take care not to touch the serviette with a dry finger, the serviette will cling to your finger and lift up or tear. Rather put a bit of modge podge on your finger before you touch the serviette. Set aside to dry completely.

2.   Sny nog ‘n stukkie van die servet, groot genoeg om oor die afval stukkie karton/foam core te pas. Neem die onderste lae van die stukkie servet en sit dit met Modge Podge vas op die blokkie en verf die rande van die servet na die agterkant van die blokkie sodat die blokkie netjies afgewerk is. Laat effens droog word en neem dan die boonste laag van die stukkie servet en herhaal die proses om die blokkie oor te trek. Wenk: Moenie met droë vingers aan die servet vat terwyl die Modge Podge nog nat is nie, want die servet sal oplig en skeur. Dit is altyd raadsaam om met ‘n bietjie Modge Podge aan die vingers, die blokkie vas te hou terwyl die servet oorgetrek word. Laat hierdie blokkie ook eenkant om droog te word.

     Cut another piece of the serviette, large enough to cover the 4.5 x 4.5cm chip board or foam core. Take the 2 bottom layers of this piece and adhere to the square with modge podge, brush the edges of the serviette to the back of the square ensuring that all the edges of the square are neat. Let dry slightly and then use the top layer of this cut out serviette and repeat the prosess to cover the square neatly.Remember to have som modge podge on your fingers when you cover the square. Set aside to dry completely.

3.   Sny Agtergrond karton (Groen) 150mm x 300mm en vou dubbel om ‘n vierkant van 150mm  x 150mm te vorm
      Cut background c/s (green) 150mm x 300mm and fold to form a 150mm x 150mm square.
Sny 1 stuk karton (Ligpers) 140mm x 140mm 
Cut a piece of c/s (light purple) 140mm x 140mm
Sny een stuk van die papier waarop die servet vasgesit is 130mm x 130mm
Cut a 130mm x 130mm square from the handmade paper onto which the serviette was glued down
Sny 1 stukkie karton (Ligpers) – 5cm x 5cm
Cut a 50mm x 50mm square from (light purple) c/s
Sny 1 stukkie kartoen (Groen) – 5.5cm x 5.5cm
Cut a 55mm x 55mm square from (Green) c/s

4.    Werk die rande van die karton af met vloeibare kryt indien verkies.
       Ink all edges of the c/s
5.    Knip ‘n 10cm tot 15cm stukkie van die sagte draad af. Ryg ‘n paar kraletjies op die draad en draai die draad om die sosatiestokkie.
      Cut a 10cm to 15cm beading wire and string a few beads onto the wire and wind the wire with beads around a skewer.

Haal nou die gedraaide draad van die stokkie af en trek en druk die draadkrulletjies in verskillende rigtings plat.
Take the wire off the skewer and press the curls flat in different directions.

6.   Plak die oorgetrekte blokkie op die ligpers kartonstukkie en dan op die groen kartonstukkie. Plak die draad met kraletjies bo-op die servetgedeelte van die vierkantjie en laat eenkant om droog te word.
      Paste the covered 4.5cm x 4.5cm square onto the small (light purple) square and then onto the small (green) square.

7.   Neem nou die vierkant waarop die servet geplak is en meet waarlangs die gleufies vir die lint moet kom. Vir hierdie kaartjie is die gleufies diagonaal oor die kaartjie gemaak. Neem die Gleuf Pons (Paper & Ribbon Slot Punching Tool), plaas dit op die merkies en kap dan die gleufies in die papier. (Dit word op dieselfde wyse gedoen soos wanneer vetergaatjies gemaak word)
      Use the large serviette square and measure where you want to punch the slots. For this card, the slots were punched diagonally. Use your Ribbon Slot Punching Tool to punch the slots. The Ribbon Slot Punch works exactly the same way as a hole punch.

8.   Vir hierdie spesifieke kaartjie het ek 2 x 25cm stukke lint gebruik. Ryg die stukke lint deur die gleufies, maak ‘n strik aan die voorkant. Die los ente van die lint word aan die agterkant van die handgemaakte papier met gom vasgeplak. Onthou dat ‘doublesided tape’ nie op handgemaakte papier kleef nie.
     For this card I used 2 x 25cm ribbon.Slide the ribbon through the slots and tie a bow on the front side. Glue the 2 loose ends to the back of the serviette-paper. Sometimes doublesided tape does not stick to handmade paper.

9.   Plak nou hierdie vierkant op die ligpers vierkant vas en dan weer op die groen gevoude karton, m.a.w. op die voorkant van die kaartjie.
      Paste the large serviette square down onto the (light purple) square and then onto the front of the folded (green) card.

10. Laastens word die klein blokkie op die voorkant van die kaartjie bo-op die servet gedeelte vasgesit.
      Finally paste the small square onto the front of the card ontop of the large serviette square.

Onthou asseblief dat hierdie mates slegs riglyne is en kan die kaartjie grootte aangepas word volgens smaak. Weereens kan die tegniek op etikette toegepas word.
Please note that these measurements can  be altered to suit your liking. The same technique can be applied to tags.

Hieronder is nog ‘n voorbeeld van ‘n kaartjie waar dieselfde lint- en kralewerk tegnieke gebruik is. In plaas van ‘n servet, is ‘n stuk sneespapier gebruik waarop agtergrondbewoording gestempel is en dit is dan op dieselfde wyse as ‘n servet op die handgemaakte papier vasgesit.
Here is another example with the same ribbon- and bead techniques were used. Instead of a paper serviette, tissue paper was used. Background wording was stamped onto the tissue paper and then the tissue paper was glued to the handmade paper with the same technique as the paper serviette.

Geniet die Projek! Enjoy the Project!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DIESEL our #one K-nine : Let's Scrap 2-23-11

This sketch was done by Cheri O'Neill for this week's challenge

And this is my LO

TFL  ;-)