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Teabag Handmade Flowers

Tutorial for both Teabag flowers used on the Printers Tray

Stacked Flower - 2 used Teabags

This handmade flower was adapted from a handmade flower tutorial by Gabrielle Pollacco. In the original tutorial, Gabrielle used tumble drier sheets, but I thought used tea bags could be put to use to make similar handmade flowers.
Open two dry used teabags and separate the sheets. Colour with Dazzles or glimmer spray - I used Brick Red Dazzles
•  Cut 4 circles from the 4 Brick Red tea bag sheets. These circles do not have to be perfect round shapes.•  1 x 3.5cm diameter•  1 x 3cm diameter•  1 x 2.5cm diameter•  1 x 2cm diameter• Start with the 2cm circle
• Then put the cut-out circle onto a new tea bag sheet and cut slightly larger. Repeat till you have the 4 circles•  Add Diamond Stickles to the edges of each circle and put aside to dry.


•  Once the stickles are dry, stack all the layers on top of each other with the largest circle at the bottom and the smallest at the top.
•  The layers can be glued together, but a mini stapler works just as well.
•  Add a large cream coloured half pearl to the centre of the flower.

Easy-PeasyTea Bag Flowers - 2 used Teabags
A lady from Swakopmund, Martie Meyer, showed me to make these easy-peasy used tea bag flowers.
ALL paper, no matter what kind, has a straight grain and so do tea bags have a straight grain.
1. Now I have figured out that the straight grain on my tea bags run the same way as the ‘corrugated’ sealed edges. (Photo 1.)
2. Fold the tea bag horizontally in half – crossing the vertical straight grain. (Photo 2.) This way you will not loose track of which way the straight grain runs.
3. Cut through both layers and round the corners – cut inside the seams of the bag. Add glue to the fold lines and gather the sheet as you would do with needle and thread. (Photo 3.)
4. Now twist each gathered piece like a sweet’s wrapper. (Photo 4.)
5. Glue the two twisted parts crosswise on top of each other. (Photo 5.) Add a little glue to the centre and paste a cream coloured half pearl down. Make one flower only.
6 .For the closed flower, do exactly the same as with one gathered sheet. After it has been twisted, fold the two petals in the same direction and paste together at the ‘base’ of the flower. (Photo 6.)
7. From the green paper strip, cut 2 tiny leaves and a narrow stem. Chalk with green and brown. (Photo 7.)
8. Stick the stem to the closed flower’s base and then add the 2 tiny leaves to the base of the closed flower (Photo 8.) Make one closed flower only.

Have FUN!

Please leave me a comment and URL where I can have a look if you have tried out these flowers :-)

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