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Saturday, May 21, 2011

NSD2011#2 : Let's Scrap

Let's Scrap

Hereare the rules again :
NSD2011#2 – Rachelle S’s Challenge Let's trap time and scrap about "TIME" 
1.      The title must include something about time or the word "Time". (See my LO for example).
2.      You can scrap about a day or week in someone's life, scrap someone when they were young and now or a special moment in Time.
3.      Please use a Let's Scrap Sketch.

And here is my take on the challenge :-

This is a picture of my Mother and her GGD2. My daughter and her DD1 flew up here for my Birthday in 2004. She said that she wanted us to take picture of the 4 generations' girls together, because she was so scared my mother won't be there for a next time. To cut a long story short, we actually had one BLESSED weekend together and unfortunately most of the photos are so bad and useless, it cannot be scrapped. Sadly, a few months later my Mom passed away. . .
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