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Monday, May 2, 2011


WHOOOOO-HOOOO!!! It's National Scrapbook Day at
There are fantastic challenges and wonderful RAK's which you can win!!

Please hop over there by following the link underneath or clicking on the Let's Scrap logo above


NOTE: These are just short reminders of each of the NSD2011 Challenges please make sure to go to each of the challenge discussions posted by the hosts for a more detailed description. Also make sure to read the NSD2011 Challenge Rules discussion.  None of the challenges can be combined with each other, with the weekly sketch or Design Team Challenges.  You cannot make a 2 page layout using a challenge on one page and another challenge on the other page.  

NSD2011#1 –  Rene’ Sharp’s Challenge

1. A mixed alpha title
2. Use at least one border punch
3. Use 2 photos
4. Use a Let’s Scrap Sketch for your layout

NSD2011#2 – Rachelle S’s Challenge
Let's trap time and scrap about "TIME" 
1.      The title must include something about time or the word "Time". (See my LO for example).
2.      You can scrap about a day or week in someone's life, scrap someone when they were young and now or a special moment in Time.
3.      Please use a Let's Scrap Sketch. You can do a single or double layout. (No cards). If you do a double page layout for my challenge your name will go into the draw twice.
4.      Please post your layout in the gallery and tag it with my challenge number NSD2011#2 and the sketch number.

NSD2011#3 – Rebecca Morcombe’s Challenge

My challenge is to use the Embossed Clear Resist Technique on a layout.

In case like me and you have never done it before, here are some instructions.

You will need a rubber stamp, clear ink and clear embossing powder, heat gun, coloured ink and sponges.

Ink your rubber stamp with the clear ink and stamp onto your paper. Sprinkle on the clear embossing powder and shake off any excess. Heat your stamped image with the heat gun. Once your image has set, pick up some coloured ink using your sponge and dab onto and around your image, continue until you are happy with your design. To bring the stamped image up, simply wipe over with a clean sponge, you should find that the ink has not stuck to your image.

Make sure to use an LS Sketch and label your LO with the number of the sketch you have used and the tag for this challenge which is NSD2011#3

NSD2011#4 – Betty Hornbrook’s Challenge

My is challenge is very simple or not, you may have to really put on your thinking caps. We all need to do title pages for our albums or there is an event in our lives where we have no pictures but still want to record the event.
1. Complete either a one or two-page layout, using a Let’s Scrap Sketch.
2. You can not use any pictures on your layout. In place of pictures you can use a poem, a list or lots of journaling.
3. Your layout must include a title.
4. You can use any kind of embellishment you wish to use.

NSD2011#5 – Gina Cunningham’s Challenge

My challenge for you is to use a book/dictionary text on a layout based on any  Let's Scrap sketch.  You may use a book/dictionary page as a mat, accent, photo corners, anything goes. 

NSD2011#6  Ana Peralta’s Challenge
So my challenge is to make a layout only with black and white pictures and black and white paper and a pop of your favorite color like red yellow pink whatever that color may be so let’s have fun and get to scraping with one of the let’s scrap sketches. You must tag each entry with the NSD2011#6 and the sketch you used.

NSD2011#7 -  Jody Releford’s Challenge

So your challenge is to document something about yourself in a layout.  This can be anything you want except that there can be no children, grandchildren, or pets involved. : )  Think about what you want your children and grandchildren to know about you.  Now, I know some of you hate using pictures of yourself, so you don't have to.  Feel free to include a photo of your favorite food, your first car, which books you are reading, even a list of random things about you.  You get the idea.  I am looking forward to learning all about you lovely ladies! Make sure to use a LS sketch and label your LO with the number of the sketch you used and the tag for this challenge. 

NSD2011#8 – Kay Wallace’s Challenge
 Cut that photo or photos on a diagonal! 
1. Only layouts are eligible for an RAK.
2. Use a Let’s Scrap sketch for creative inspiration. 
3.      Post your layout in the gallery and tag it (see tagging directions below).
4.      To tag your entry to my challenge correctly, there must be no space between NSD2011 and the # sign.  As an example, if I used sketch number ls101 for NSD2011#8, my tag would read:  NSD2011#8, ls101.

NSD2011#9 Kathy Perry’s Challenge

1.  This is a page challenge:  select ANY Let's Scrap sketch from 2009 or   2010.  Do NOT use a sketch from 2011.  No cards allowed for this challenge.    
2.  Use the word FIRST in your title.  Your page can be anything about 'firsts':  things like first boyfriend, first pet, first house, first trip to Disney, first speeding ticket.....you get the drift, right?
3.  Add texture in some way to your title.   Some things to consider would be corrugated cardboard, sand, puff paints, fabric, mesh, burlap, cork, etc.
3.  Use THREE (3) patterned papers on your layout (no more, no less).
4.  Use a quote somewhere on your page.
5.  Journal around your photos.
6.  Hand draw a border around your page or pages.

NSD2011#10 -  DebbyD’s Challenge

I created 4 card sketches for NSD 2011.When you have finished and uploaded all four cards you will get access to a private group where you will be able to get instructions for a card holder to fit these 4 cards in.
If you want to match the card holder with your cards make sure you have an extra piece of matching cardstock or sturdy patterned paper.
For each card you upload will get a draw for a prize! You will get a 5th draw if you finish and uploaded all 4.
To make sure your cards will fit in the card holder make sure your cards are not bigger than note card size 4.5"x5.5" (11,5x14cm).
You can find Debby’s sketches in the NSD2011#10 discussion or in the gallery.

 Layout sketch challenge – This one is already posted and is due on
May 15th.

Layout sketch challenge.  This one will be posted on May 16th and is due
May 31st

Other way’s to win
Carolina's National Scrapbooking Day Fundraiser
 For every $5 you donate to Let's Scrap you will get your name into a draw for a fabulous prize.

Cheri’s Spread the Word Challenge
Show me the LINK where you have shared  Let's Scrap!  You will get your name in on a draw for every place you post about the group.

Betty Anne's NSD2011 Bingo
In order to play this game you needed to have your words to me by April 27th.  Starting May 1st 2 words a day will be drawn until someone gets Bingo. 

Please join in on the FUN!!! Hope to see you there ;-)

Enough of the puter, off to the beach now :-))

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