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Sunday, April 17, 2011

StazOn Stamp-pad

A few weeks ago there were tourists in my shop and they wanted to buy this pair of wood carved giraffes. They had a problem though! If it does not have 'Namibia' written on it, they are not interested :-(( *Light Bulbs started GLOWING in my head!* I asked them if they would mind to wait for a minute and I'll have it fixed for them. They started smiling and said they will go for lunch and come back.

I grabbed my 'Namibia' clear stamp made by Enmarc as well as my StazOn Gold Stamp-pad (Enmarc) and 'voila!'

I have to add that I did not mount the clear stamp onto a mounting block, because the surface was very uneven. The people returned after their lunch, were very impressed, bought the curio and left ;-)
*pfewwwww! almost lost a sale!*


Vaktmästarn said...

Clever, clever! I love to read that kind of stories:) You sure are that kind of serviceminded person I would like to encounter every time I step into a store or a café or whatever.

Keep up the good work!

Outi x

Alma Carter : Emsige Biene said...

Thank you for your kind comment Outi :-))
I did not have much time lately to read my blogs nor to post anything new here. xx

Helen Tilbury said...

What a funny story! Thanks for joining my blog as a follower!! I have joined yours too :)