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Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Paper Bag Art Journal : Only 10? Minutes a Day!

I have been watching quite a few Youtube videos and saw an Art Journal by Andrea Gomoll which she created December 2013 - 【December Daily Artjournal】 Résumé _ Pageflip. Her art journal was made of paper bags and watercolour paper and this journal consists of daily pages from the 1st of December up to the 24th of December. I then decided I want to make one too, but it would not be a Christmas journal.

Unfortunately I cannot remember where I read about it or watched a video clip, but the lady suggested that one should put a couple of materials (journal/pens/crayons/mediums/etc) aside and spend 10 minutes a day on your art journal. Even if it means that you put all of these materials on a tray which you can hide underneath the lounge chair ;-)

Well, that sounded like a super nice idea and I decided to combine the 2 ideas, spending 10 minutes a day on a Paper Bag Journal!

This is the cover page:-


I started off by painting the bag with acrylic canvas primer and left it to dry,
I so much love to use paper serviettes and then tore a patterned serviette into smaller pieces.
Next I used Matt Gel Medium and pasted the serviette pieces down and left it to dry.
Added a layer of acrylic canvas primer and left it to dry.
Used bubble wrap and acrylic craft paint in white and pink to 'stamp' dots randomly on the page and left to dry.
Next I used gold acrylic craft paint and rubbed it randomly with my finger.

I printed a free image onto copy paper, cut it out and pasted it onto the background with gel medium.
After the gel medium was dry, I painted the clock with acrylic craft paints, used a gold permanent marker and added ruby liquid pearls and finished the clock off with a black fine liner (which smudged, but I WILL embrace imperfection!)
Added a white pearly Sugar Candy brad to the centre of the clock face.
The shadow was done with purple paint.

Next I traced different sized circles randomly onto the background. Some of the circles were painted with green and white acrylic craft paint and some were just outlined with the gold marker. I added 'clock hands' to the green circles and outlined it with a white permanent marker.

Now at this point I have to tell you that for me, it is IMPOSSIBLE to stick to just 10 minutes a day LOL! Thus the whiteboard chippy 'Time Flies' by Enmarc Crafts!
I inked it lightly with brown and added stickles to the wings and left it to dry.
Next I added dimensional glaze to the clock face and wings and after it was dry, I pasted it down.

The sentiment was printed on white paper and cut into smaller pieces.
Inked the edges and pasted the pieces down with gel medium.
I added loose stitching to the edges and also outlined the words.

Enmarc Crafts Product used:- www.enmarc.co.za

  Short and Sweet : Time Flies

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