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Monday, April 7, 2014

The Timeless T-Shirt : CSI Case File 116

I had a hectic week at the shop and almost did not make it in time to finish this week's Case File!!

Case File 116 over at http://csicolorstoriesinspiration.ning.com/ ends in a couple of hours, but I made it in time to upload my solved case :-)

The Scene and The SchemeUse all 5 Colours

Treble Clef - black, taken from the background - 28.33.29
Cassette  - greenish gray, taken from the head - 199.206.188
The Blues - teal, taken from the rectangle behind the M - 111.168.159
White Noise - white, taken from the keys  - 255.255.255
Rockin' Red  -  bold red, taken from the record label  - 164.47.3

Evidence – Use at least 2 clues

music elements
solid black background
use something that runs on electricity to make your page (heat gun, sewing machine, etc.)
diagonal cross-hatch pattern

Testimony – Choose at least 1 clue

Journal on several different journaling spots.
Use song title or lyrics to inspire your journaling.
Use FIll-in-the-blank Friday as inspiration.
Be inspired by Memeoirs.
Inspiration Words: think, process, idea-- use these as inspiration for your journaling, not just as a title.

Here is how I solved the case:

I quite liked this case file seeing that I would never ever have done a LO about my T-shirt out of my own ;-)

I used all the colours


music elements - I used a damaged music CD and covered it with patterned paper
monogram – the letter ‘t’ – Royal Alpha Lower Case – Enmarc Crafts
circles – the covered CD and buttons
metal – metal charm and brad
buttons – made a button card and sewed 3 buttons to it and another button on the label bottom left
silhouette – Silhouette : Young Lady – Enmarc Crafts
solid black background – Used black cardstock as base for the LO
labels – Old Clothing Labels and one handmade fabric label
use something that runs on electricity to make your page (heat gun, sewing machine, etc.) – I used my heat gun to heat the turquoise paint on the background and also my sewing machine to make the fabric label.

Testimony :
For my journaling I chose ‘Fill-in-the-blank Friday and topic : An item of clothing that is worn and torn but that I love far too much to throw away
I have written my journaling on the back of my LO

I bought this T-shirt in the previous Millennium at Mr Price – this was round about 1998/1999!! I found that this T-shirt matched my navy, maroon, denim and beige pants and became a favourite J The photo with my DS dated 1999, was used on a scrap page long ago and all of a sudden my favourite T-shirt became a sort of a nightmare as far as photos were concerned! Usually I am BEHIND the camera, but whenever I had this T-shirt on, nobody was allowed to take any photos of me, because everybody would notice that it was a VERY OLD T-shirt!!! Thus I could find only 3 occasions of photos where I wore the T-shirt!! So Friday the 4th of April 2014, I took the bold decision to wear my T-shirt to work!! My DH has left already and I had to take a ‘selfie’ of me and my shirt!! I do not want to throw it out just because it doesn’t crease and is so comfortable. Furthermore, we stay in a town where we experience 4 seasons in one day almost all year round and I can stuff the shirt in my bag to take along to work without worrying it would look though it came out of the laundry basket! When I wanted to glue down the one clothing label, I saw this quite appropriate wording on the back of the label : ‘THIS GARMENT HAS BEEN OVERDYED AND IT WILL FADE GENTLY DURING ITS LIFETIME, THUS CREATING ITS UNIQUE COMFORT AND INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER. Needless to say, I pasted the label upside down on to my LO ;-)
I think I will keep on wearing my T-shirt till it falls apart!

A few close-ups:

For the background I mixed gesso with different colours of acrylic craft paint and then slapped it on to the card stock. I left it for about 4 hours to dry, but not completely dry and then heat it with a heat gun till some of the paint mix puffed up.

All Chipboard Alpha's - Painted

 Silhouette : Young Lady
  Dazzles : Cherry Red
  Dazzles : Cranberry

Thank you for stopping by :-)

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