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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

FRANCOIS the CLOWN is coming to Town : CSI Special Case File Scrap 365-5

I was in South Africa on holiday visiting the children and grandchildren and my DGS1 surprised us with this funny face. When I saw the case file, I knew straight away that I was going to scrap these photos!

The Scene and The [color] Scheme

Use all 5 Colors
Clown Nose - bright, cherry red  - 211.24.41
Grimaldi's Whiteface - true white  - 255.255.255
Big Top - bright, sunny yellow, taken from the tent  - 254.224.114
Jumbo  -medium gray, taken from the elephant's trunk - 194.187.181
Ballyhoo - black, taken from the clown's jacket  - 31.26.30

Evidence - Choose at least 2 Clues
Stripes, floral, plaid patterns
teacup/teapot accents
animal accents
circua-themed products
tie something

Testimony  - Choose at least 1
Topic: something silly
Write 3 fun things about your topic
Put a ring around your journaling
Step right up...Write journaling as a circus ad. Some ideas here and here
Inspiration Words: surprise,  fun, show-- use these as inspiration for your journaling, not just as a title.

Here is how I solved the case

The Scheme :          I used all 5 Colours

The Evidence :        Stripes, floral, plaid patterns – stripes on the patterned paper
Flowers – One flower on the clown’s hat – chippie – La Petite Flowers : Enmarc Crafts
Buttons – 3 Basic Buttons - Chippies : Enmarc Crafts – coloured with Inktense Blocks
Paint – Used Paint and stamps on the black Background Pleats -  Pleated patterned paper strip, bottom left photo
Scallops -  Mimic the circus tent in the picture – top photo
String – Banner flags
Circus-themed products – Banner, Clown (Cutie Chippie : Enmarc Crafts) – coloured with Inktense Blocks, Cut-out Tags, Balls cut from PP’s, mimicked Tent roof and flag
Triangles – Banner and flag – Divider Chippie : Enmarc Crafts
Tie something – Tied cotton string to the three buttons

Testimony:               I chose inspiration words ‘surprise’, ‘fun’ and ‘show’, written as a short letter to my DGS1 on the back of my layout.

16/3/2014 : Francois, you are just adorable and so much FUN to have around!! We went to the Wimpy in Harties and you got these wiggly eyes as part of the toy you received with your kiddie’s meal. Ouma-Ouma got an unexpected surprise treat today! Indeed a record breaking family fun show!! You started off with 2 eyes and later confiscated your sister’s wiggly eyes too!!! I am just wondering. . . . I told you little ones many moons ago that I have eyes on the back of my head too! Just maybe you will have eyes on the back of your head too when you are grown up ;-) Thank you for making me laugh today!! Hugs and kisses, Ouma-Ouma. 

Now for a few close-ups :

Cutie : Clown

Divider : Flags

La Petite : Teeny Flowers2

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