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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Beautiful Symphony : CSI Case File 118

This week's Case File over at CSI Color, Stories and Inspiration involved a sketch as well :-)

The Scene and the Scheme :- Use ALL 5 Colours
The Sketch :-

Lipstick - bright red, taken from her dress  - 246.72.63
Blush - dark cantaloupe, taken from her hair  - 255.164.120
Blonde - bright lemon yellow, taken from her hair -  255.237.143
Eyeshadow - seafoam green, taken from her eyeglasses - 187.239.201
Eyeliner - bright teal, taken from her headband  - 75.182.168

Evidence – Use at least 2 clues

white background
animal print
doodling/pen work

Testimony – Choose at least 1 clue

Document something about your style.
Choose an "all about me" prompt (scroll down a bit for the prompts.
Put your journaling in a pocket.
Try out Magnetic Poetry: Here's an online version:
Inspiration Words: -bold, beautiful, confidence -- use these as inspiration for your journaling, not just as a title.

Here is how I solved the case:-

I love the sketch, but really did not know what I would scrap about! I bought these G45 papers recently and the colours were perfect for this Case File. 
I used all the colours

white background – I used white c/s as base for my background – I am not keen on all white backgrounds, but maybe one day I will give it a try  . . .
jewels – Rhinestones on and on the side of the ‘S’ in Symphony
hearts – Bottom left of the LO (Plain Embellishment Set : Tags and Arrows – Enmarc Crafts)
arrows – Middle right (Plain Embellishment Set : Tags and Arrows – Enmarc Crafts) of LO and Bottom of LO
doodling/pen work – Around the phrase ‘The sea is calling me’ and the little arrow at the bottom of the page
fabric – fish net and gauze netting part of the shell cluster
beads – strung on wire and hung fish charms at the bottom of each bead string
fringe – Bottom left tag
fibers – Part of the shell cluster
pockets – Bottom Left and above photo

All chipboard pieces are from Enmarc Crafts

For my journaling I chose  the word ‘BEAUTIFUL’
I have written my journaling on the tags and on the front of the bottom pocket:
I have this quote on a rubber stamp and to me it is so true : “Listen to the sea and you will hear a Symphony”
I am soooo privileged to live at the coast where I can hear and smell the ocean! The Alpha wave sounds that the ocean sends out, causes the mind and body to relax and it is so wonderful to just listen to and stare at the never ending waves . . . it doesn’t matter whether the sea is calm or not, I always hear a beautiful Symphony. The most relaxed sleep, full of fresh air to breathe, I get, is the one right on the beach! (In the shade of course ;-) !)

Oops! Just imagining all of this as I write, makes me dozy . . . . .

A few Close-ups :-

 Mini Alpha Sheet : Confused L/C

 Fancy Word : Smile - I cut off the 'S'

  Mini Alpha Sheet : Chunky Monkey U/C

  plain Embellishment Set : Sea Shells

  Plain Embellishment Set : Tags & Arrows

Thank you for stopping by :-)

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