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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Girls Gotta have Wheels : CSI Case File 117

Yet another Case file to be solved over at CSI Colorstories Inspiration -  Case File No 117

The colour palette is so out of my comfort zone, but that's exactly what challenges are for ;-)

The Scene and The [color] Scheme

Evidence - Choose at least 2 Clues
"ransom"-style lettering
bicycle or other transport image

Testimony : Choose at least 1 clue
Document one of your quirks.
April is National Poetry Month. Write your journaling in the form of a poem.
Use a rub-on or stamped journaling spot.
Write about something mind-boggling.
Try the Random Word Generator and write off of a word you are given.
Inspiration Words: infinity, me, move-- use these as inspiration for your journaling, not just as a title.

*Pfewwww!* OK, this is how I solved the case :

The Scheme :          I used all 5 Colours

The Evidence :       
cogs/gears – chippies – gears and frame Enmarc Crafts , 1x Metal gear T!m Holtz
circles – Brads, painted clocks, gears/cogs
metals – 3 painted clock charms, metal cog on bicycle, brads
"ransom"-style lettering – the Title – all from Enmarc Crafts
Flowers – Handmade lace flower, silk flowers (Enmarc Crafts), La Petite Teeny flowers on bicycle (Enmarc Crafts
rub-ons – On the left section of the LO and on the arrows
butterflies – bottom of LO amongst the flowers
bicycle or other transportation image – chippie : Lady on Bicycle – Enmarc Crafts
chalk/pastels – Used Dewdrop Liquid Chalks on edges of papers and to colour some of the chippies
arrows – one on the frame and one to the top right of the frame
numbers – Metal clocks, Paper strip, cotton tape and tissue tape underneath the flower cluster

I chose the word ‘MOVE’ as inspiration for my journaling . My journaling  reads :
It is so wonderful to have dreams and I know that you would like to possess one of these scooters to move around when you are a couple of years older, but for now, it would be OK to ponder about the wheels you already possess -  your good old faithful BICYCLE ;-)
Just look at all the benefits!
(I pasted this picture I got from the internet, on to the tag)

 photo Benefits-Bicycle.jpg
And the flipside of the tag consists of inspirational quotes:
Life is like riding a bicycle, To keep your balance, you must keep MOVING
Albert Einstein

Life is like riding a bicycle: you don't fall off unless you stop pedaling.

Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears that we never use.
Charles M. Schulz

I Thought of that while riding my Bicycle
Albert Einstein

A few Close-ups :

Enmarc Crafts Products used :

Steampunk : Frame - 'Chain'ge Gears      Solo : Lady on Bicycle

  Plain Embellishment Set : Gears
 Plain Emb. Set : Tags & Arrows

Nature Elements : Rustling Leaves
 Flexi-Board-er : Gearz
  La Petite : Teeny Flowers 1
 Petal Blooms : White
  Dazzles : Anthracite 
 Dazzles : Waterloo
  Dazzles : Avocado 
  Dazzles : Dries Sage

 Thank you so much for stopping by :-)

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