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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sweet Teddybear's Picnic - Case File 111 CSI Color Stories Inspiration

Case File 111 over at CSI Color Stories Inspiration closes in a couple of hours.

The Case I had to solve:

  • Pistachio - celadon green, taken from the green shirt - 212.217.187
  • Creamsicle  - medium orange, taken from the shirt - 235.155.184
  • Vanilla - white, taken from the light in the background - 248.248.248
  • Strawberry - orchid pink, taken from the pink shirt  - 238.202.216
  • Rocky Road -  brown, taken from the girl on the right's hair - 141.113.92
  • turtle (or other animal) accents
  • polka dots
  • drips
  • wood
  • stickers
  • border punch
  • sprinkles
  • dry embossing (inspired by the cone)
  • something cone shaped
  • 3 of something
  • Sprinkle your journaling around different spots on your page
  • Journal about a childhood memory
  • Choose one of these prompts about friendship.
  • Tell your story through dialogue.
  • Inspiration Words: giggle, friends, enjoy-- use these as inspiration for your journaling, not just as a title.

 And here is how I solved the case:

The Scheme:
I used all 5 colours. For the pistachio I mixed a few colours of craft paint and painted 2 ice cream balls which were a turquoise colour and used the same paint for the drippings as well as the bow on the ice cream cone.

Animal Accents - Teddy Bear
Polka Dots - Gesso Paste Polka dots om background paper, Polka Dot Ribbons
Drips - Pistachio craft paint drippings from the top of the page as well as from the ice cream
Wood - 3 Teddy Bears
Stickers - 2 round, 'Sweet' and the striped 'ribbon'
Border Punch - Brown strip and square behind the photo
Sprinkles - Beads, half pearls and rhinestones on the Ice cream
Dry Embossing - The grid lines on the ice cream cone, cuttlebug flowers on green card stock behind photo
something cone shaped - the ice cream cone
3 of something - 3 wooden teddy bears

For the testimony I chose to 'sprinkle' dialogue onto the background of the LO.

Teddy said : "Thank you so much for bringing me along to this lovely picnic!"
Michaela said: "Oh!, it's only a pleasure Teddy! I am enjoying it too!"
Teddy said: "*Pffffewww!* it's a pity it is so HOT though . . ."
Michaela said: "Hmmmmm . . . just imagine . . . .  a TALL stacked pistachio, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream. . . ."
Teddy said: "Whooo-whooo! Now THAT sounds SUPER delicious! Can we get some of those? "Pllllease?"

Chipboard pieces from Enmarc Crafts :
Fences 'n Things : Victorian Gate
Alphabet Letters for the Title

It's raining and the light is very poor. I had to scan the layout, thus also no close-ups for now.
Thank you for stopping by.

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