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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mixed Media Canvas – My Husband lets me have all the Scrapbooking Supplies I can HIDE

It is a beautiful SUNNY (for a change) day here on the west coast :-) Got lots of chores to attend to, but that can wait for a few minutes ;-)

Got this much wanted WALL ART, but where, oh where shall I put it!!!????

So after weeks of pondering, I decided to put my Wall Art onto a canvas so I can move it around to my liking ;-)
Materials used:

·         A 16x16 inch Primed Stretched Canvas
·         Gesso Paste
·         Acrylic Paints : 3 different Pinks and white
·         Tim Holtz Tissue Paper : Terminology and Composer
·         Tim Holtz Distress Inks : Aged Mahogony and Walnut Stain
·         Permanent Markers : White and Gold
·         Enmarc Craft Products used:-
o   Wall Art : Scrapbooking Supplies
o   A4 Doodling Stencil
o   Edge Stencil : Funky Scallops
o   Petal Blooms : Large - Burgundy
o   White Board Chippies:-
§  Solo : Pennyfarthing
§  Fences & Things : Mini Victorian Fence
§  Swirls & Flourishes : Twisted Heart Swirl
§  Dress-me-Up : Bigger Corners No 7
o   Dazzles : Chocolate Eclaire, Poison Ivy, Anthracite, Cranberry, Avocado and Mystic Olive

·         LOTS and LOTS of FLOWERS that I now don’t need to hide anymore . . . LOL
I first added another layer of gesso to the canvas to smooth the surface as I wanted to stick down the Wall ART. I then painted it with a bright pink and toned it down with an old rose which was toned down further with white.

I then pasted down torn pieces of the tissue paper with Mod(ge) Podge.  Another layer of a lighter shade of old rose was painted on top of the tissue paper.  
After it was dry, I used the Doodling stencil and sprayed the canvas with Chocolate Eclaire Dazzles and dabbed the Dazzles with Art Roll.  
I also used the Edge Stencil : Funky Scallops with Poison Ivy Dazzles which I dabbed with Art Roll.

Then the FUN part started ;-) Doodling with Permanent Markers in White and Gold. Then the tricky part. . . the Wall Art!!
I used the Tim Holtz Distress Inks on the edges of the canvas.
Aaaaah, and then ALL the flowers and chippies. I sprayed the Chippies with Anthracite Dazzles and glazed it.

Here are a few close-ups:


Enmarc Crafts White Board used

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