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Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Photos of 'Vrot Pampoen enne Stikkint Skoen'

This project was done about 5 years ago, thus some of the older products in the Enmarc range ;-)

I had an idea in mind to scrap my granddaughter visiting the dairy farm, because she was 'in love' with cows at that stage. Then came the idea for the Title, because the song always reminds me of her. The idea grew bigger and bigger LOL

Firstly I decorated the wooden box, then I made her the outfit for the photoshoot. OK, then I had to buy an airplane ticket to go visit the children to do the photoshoot ;-)

I wanted to scrap mostly with ENMARC products and handmade paper which is made here locally by a lady in town. I LOVE the Enmarc White Board products, because they are so VERSATILE!!

Oh, what a bummer!!! The photos were taken long-long ago with my old camera and they are really NOT of good quality!!!! Grrrrr. ..  I will have to redo the photos :-(

These are the only 2 good photo's

No wait!! Found the scans on my PC!

Here I used a paper serviette as part of my LO

Thought the cork sayings would go well with the LO

I saw a LO in the Reflections? done by Rose Krugess and thought I will adapt it for this page. Rose is also one of my Favourites in the Scrapworld :-) Enmarc Stamps, Metallook Stickers and Transparency wording

Dress-me-up slide mount, circles, cork tags

Enmarc Stamps, Frames and wording

Moosgummi Alpha and Filmstrip, DMU squares

Serviette podged onto handmade paper. Enmarc DMU Squares.

DMU Slide Mount, squares and circles

Enmarc Stamps and Stickers

Enmarc Alpha and Moosgummi flowers

Enmarc Moosgummi Filmstrip and Lable Holder, Combo Alpha

Enmarc DMU Slide Mount, Lable Holder, 'washers' and circles, Clear Stamp, Transparency wording.

Enmarc Shape Folder stencil, Transparency wording, DMU Tag word 'Pret'

Enmarc Page Essentials, Cork Wording, Small word 'Vir Altyd'

Enmarc Page Essentials Clock, Ribbon Slides, Buttons and Clear Stamp and Alpha Stencil 'L' in laat

I quite enjoyed doing this project and like the way it came out! I hope you find some sort of inspiration here ;-)

OK, now it's time to do REAL WORK for a change! I will post some more random projects, some old ones as well as some new ones.

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